Etna Backpack


SKU: 050090105
90% Polyester 10% PVC

Acerca de este producto

ETNA backpack. The ideal accessory with which you can take your dog or cat from one place to another, really, you can use this bag even as a travel suitcase, why it has an exclusive and supermodern design. The materials with which they have been manufactured are resistant and safe (90% Polyester 10% PVC) to transport your pet with complete peace of mind. This carrying backpack for dogs and cats is super comfortable for animals. It has a stable base so that it does not overturn and one or several openings so that the animal can observe the outside and feel calmer, in addition, it has a leash inside so you can tie it to the collar or harness for greater safety. It also has a practical pocket on one side to store documentation and some snacks. Carrying backpack for dogs and cats. Very modern and elegant design. Resistant and safe materials with stable base. Safety strap inside. It supports a weight of up to 8 kg.