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Do you have a pet, do you consider it a member of your family and do you want the best for it? Then Freedog is the brand for you.


We love animals and we are always looking for their maximum happiness. Puppies, energetic adults, lazy, mischievous, sleepy… Freedog wants to be the brand of reference for your pet. Whatever their character, in our catalogue you will find what you need to make them happy.

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Freedog has been providing you with the best pet accessories for over 25 years. Thanks to our experience we know exactly which products best suit you and your companion’s needs.

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At Freedog we are passionate about the animal world. For this reason we always select the best articles and we produce with special emphasis on the quality of the materials, the design of the product, its functionality and its market launch.


We have more than 2500 references in fashion, rest, toys, accessories, snacks? Everything your pet needs and with an unbeatable quality.


We are excited and proud of a job well done, from production to distribution. With more than two decades of experience, our customers continue to trust us, and this satisfies us even more. It is our reason for existing.

Our driving force is absolute faith in our work and in what we know how to do: accessories for animals.

In recent years we have focused our efforts on introducing improvements in all our products, management and services in order to offer high quality products at a reasonable and affordable price.


Today we present a new image that connects with our consumers through our values: joy, energy, curiosity, naturalness, honesty, trust and tranquility. Always talking about what we know and what we are passionate about, which is animals.

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